Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zellweger Quot Hanes Pantyhose Saved My Life Quot

Renee Zellweger

The film, which has Hanny Connick Jr was filmed in Winnipeg, Canada, and Zellweger has admitted that he was forced to wear three or four pairs of tights to stay warm. Renee Zellweger has credited Hanes underwear company with saving his life while shooting his latest film in New City. I did not t know how the cold, said WENN. It was a new language for biological things that happen. . I had to develop new capacity for survival. Who knew that collant might be very important - of three or four couples at a time. It was a different kind of experience.

Shakira Stunned By Obamas Sharp Memory


I was like, I cannot believe you still have space on your hard drive to collect this information, the New York Daily News Shakira quoted as saying. The Colombian singer Shakira quietly writing at the University UCLA in Los Angeles to study the history of western civilization. Shakira pop star was left stunned when President Barack Obama recalled shed university was taking lessons in history. And she was surprised to learn that the new president of the United States to remember that.

Ashley Olsens Mystery Man

Ashley Olsen

S star Sharon Stone has also been vandalized. Ashley Olsen leave a brownstone with a mystery man in West Village of New York City on Tuesday. Stone and the Olsen twins are known to wear fur and have often drawn the wrath of animal cruelty activists from around the world.. The 22-year-old star fashion mavens on Hollywood Walk Of Fame counterfeit was recently Hag with fur protesters from anti-Furi.

Paris Hilton Tells Heat Magazine Shes No Spoiled Airhead

Paris Hilton

Finding a place in a platinum blond wig paths on the floor and doing his best performance Barbie, Paris says it must have all started when Nicole Richie friend started to run for The Simple Life, a reality show that had the regular doing two jobs around at home or at the farm. It is this image that shes now trying to emerge from our mind, as you say Heat magazine is not just a blond bimbo. Since then, people were unable to see the real Paris, said, adding that it is misunderstood by the media and fans. The world has been somewhat used to hearing Paris Hilton of all types of statements that only raise an eyebrow and dont really come into its flatter.

Today Is Was January 21 2009

Gran Torino

Otherwise, this should be a quick weeks - indeed, we re already in the middle of the week. Maybe you can also pass the fastest time with a film - Gran Torino is out and if you haven t seen that, perhaps should..